McGinty’s is your stereotypical run-down Irish bar. It’s not in the best of neighborhoods, which makes it a popular meeting place with runners and Johnson’s (most cameras on the street last less than a few days, and there isn’t a lot of foot traffic). Serving mostly synthetic alcohol, and heavily watering down the real stuff they do serve (as Mike discovered from a quick viewing of their invoices versus bills), they’re not a place that many would go if they had better options.

They do have internal cameras, though none in the basement where Johnsons and Runners meet, and the cameras are set up to delete their data every 24 hours, rather than download it.

At this point, Mike’s character pretty much owns their network, having discovered that the bar’s owners are apparently so matrix illiterate that they didn’t know enough to set up an Admin account on it.

Matrix Statistics
Response 3 Signal 3 Firewall 2 System 3
Persona Limit 10
Attached Hardware:
-4 Mounted Sensors are hardwired to the system (three upstairs in the bar proper, and one in the downstairs hall). Each sensor consists of a camera, motion sensor, laser range finder, and tag reader.
Active Software:
Just the personas of people who are using it.
No protocols in place. The interior of the Node is basically the menu of the bar, printed in large text on all four walls, floor, and ceiling of an otherwise empty space. Icons loaded into the node are not forced to conform to a specific theme.


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