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Welcome to our new Wiki folks.

This is where we’ll be storing many pieces of information related to the Shadowrun Game.

For starters, there are the House Rules that we’ve already started to add to (don’t hesitate to check over them).

There are also some Friendly NPCs that you’ve started to get me information about. And we’ll leave a space open for my toys Unfriendly NPCs as well. Just as easy to do it now as later. Obviously they’ll end up in the Character page at some point, but that will probably wait until I get a sheet done up for them.

Setting Stuff will eventually go on the linked page, but mostly only if it’s something someone has asked me about, or that you guys have managed to make a substantial change over. This is to save me from copying out the core book section by section… and also because doing that would be illegal.

Locations will be linked to here… but chances are those won’t start showing up until just before (or more likely, after) the first session.

More, of course, to come.

Main Page

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