Case Nightmare Green

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First Session

The group was approached by a local fixer of modest reputation, who goes by the handle of Lieutenant Kelly, and offered a chance to meet a Johnson who was looking for a slightly larger than average crew. When the group agreed to Kelly’s cut (10%), they were told that the meeting place was a bar just south of Foxboro, called McGinty’s.

On arriving at McGinty’s, a modest amount of recon was done by the team, but no traps were detected. The team all managed to arrive before the Johnson, who turned out to be a rather nervous and over-dressed human. The job that Mr. Johnson had in mind was relatively straight-forward: He wanted the group to steal a book that was in the possession of the Boston Archdiocese and bring it back to him, so that he could destroy it. There were three locations that he thought it might be in, and narrowing down the truth of the matter was the group’s responsibility.

The book in question was the personal prayer journal of one Cotton Mather, and Johnson was willing to play 60,000 nuyen for the book, and an additional 5,000 nuyen if the group was also able to acquire Cotton Mather’s prayer beads for him. Knowledge of the book was something that the Johnson had stumbled across while working on his thesis (that magic and magical formulae could have been passed down and used very rarely in pre-Awakening times) at MIT&T, from the notes of a priest (who was defrocked for having relations with and marrying a nun) who had supposedly restored it. From what he read, Mr. Johnson believes it contains dangerous information about spirits that might have been possessing the girls involved in the Salem Witch Trials. His stated intention is to destroy it, and he has paid the group 20,000 nuyen upfront, to cover operating expenses.

Spying upon the Johnson as he left showed him straightening up and appearing to relax once out of their presence and believing himself to be unobserved. Additionally, technomancers were able to detect that his cufflinks had been wirelessly enabled devices, though no information was gleaned on what the purpose of these devices were.

The three suspected locations for the book were a pair of monasteries (one near Danvers, one near Springfield), and the catacombs beneath the cathedral in Boston proper. Digging through data revealed that while the priest’s stay at the monastery near Danvers was documented, his stay at the one in Springfield had not been (or the records had been destroyed during one of the Crashes). Attempts to access information on the Cathedral were stymied by virtue of the group having set off a series of matrix alarms when they tried to co-opt the Cathedral servers’ facial recognition and emotional reading software to review their meeting with the Johnson.

The Johnson, as the alerts in the cathedral that scared the group away informed them, had triggered a facial recognition match on the Vatican’s list of excommunicated heretics. Further research (carefully remaining away from the Church’s own sites and servers) have led the group to believe that Mr. Johnson is actually one Hans Anderson, which is NOT the name under which Mr. Johnson is attending MIT&T. He and his parents were excommunicated for heresy about thirty years ago (Mr. Johnson would have been eight at the time), for heresies that included creating false miracles, claiming to be the earthly vessel of an archangel, and accusing the Pope of serving “the Great Beast, Dragon” from the book of Revelations.

Research on the Dominican Nuns of West Springfield Monastery (considered to be the most likely place to have the prayer journal, in light of the priest’s stay not having been recorded) has so far included finding a set of pre-Crash blueprints (likely outdated, though no record of updated plans was readily found), and determining that their matrix presence is non-interactive (in other words, a strictly public relations site, maintained by a third party). Analysis of the blueprints and some modern information has lead to two conclusions: The pulley for the indoor well that supplies the nuns water needs has always been substantially over designed (easily capable of supporting and moving ~500 lbs of weight with minimal difficulties), and the amount of electricity the monastery is currently consuming is approximately twice what a building of its size (and acknowledged members) should be consuming.

Research on the defrocked priest has revealed that he died before the first Matrix Crash. He is survived by his (Elvish) wife and their (human) daughter. The wife is still alive, and living in the Elvish nation of Tir Na Nog. The daughter lives in Boston, went to school to be a nurse, and is now working a desk job as an employee at CrashCart (a subsidiary of the Evo Megacorp), after having been paralyzed from the waist down when hit by a bullet when responding to a call.


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